Four Interviews with Joy

Interview One

Joy: Do you see the scar on my arm? [note - Joy in the red dress, mud, etc.]

SK: Yes, it's very beautiful.

Joy: I grew it myself at the top of a mountain. I kissed it.

Interview Two

SK: Going to cry. Trying not to. Okay. Successful. Wait. One tear.

Joy: My nose bleeds when I cry. When I apologize and cry.

Interview Three

SK: Who are you reading?

Joy: Still Pessoa.

SK: What do you think about Pessoa?

Joy: You already know.

SK: Should be written on bathroom walls?

Joy: Yes.

Interview Four

SK: Tell me about Jackson Mac Low. You told me who he is. What do you like about him? Tell me what you think.

Joy: I think I would fucking hate to write like that. He turned poetry into math back into poetry. But I know it took work and wit and I love reading it. I admire it as something I could never do. I love it.

SK: Shut up.


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