Interviews coming. Authors who have had work featured in such great mags as: Word Riot, The Mississippi Review, Opium Magazine


Blogger Tao Lin said...

melodrama infused the evening

the prettiest parts of things kept moving into my peripheral vision

my language was trite and cliched

i saw ramen noodles hovering in front of most things, for some reason, and a bear shook my hand

in my other hand was a package of ramen noodles that the bear stared at

i said it was ‘for wigs’

at home i cooked the ramen and wore it on my head

i saw in the mirror that the prettiest aspects of ramen noodles had been overcooked

i created a kind of ‘ramen noodles burial site’ on the floor by the stove

and lay on it

in the morning my hands, feet, face, arms, legs, neck, and body were overpackaged

i hovered in front of the stove and moved into my peripheral vision

most things felt like aspects of my wig so i moved my head in most directions

i just published a poem in the comment's section of your blog


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